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Doggy Day Care Danville, VA

Dogs are social creatures just like us, they need to get out and see other dogs. Our doggie daycare camp provides socialization and an outlet for physical activity. Your pup can play with a professionally supervised playgroup or have individual play. We have different groups for all types, large dogs, small dogs, senior dogs, shy dogs, active dogs, etc. We treat our guests like they are in a pet hotel! Always fun and safe and they can meet and make new friends or relax by themselves.

Mental stimulation is as important as physical activity. Doggie daycare is a satisfying experience because dogs need the new sights, sounds and smells of the pack each day.

Whether your dog is boarding overnight in our pet hotel or just staying for the day he will get a lot out of day camp. It’s more like a day at camp than daycare with all the options and amenities in which your dog can participate. We are better than your regular dog sitter since we have medical staff always attending your pets in case of an emergency and our facilities allow for endless fun.

Fear-Free Certified Boarding in Danville, VA

We have a fun time and our caring, Fear Free certified professionals will treat your dog just like their own and rest assured knowing that our AAHA accredited veterinary hospital is onsite if your pet has special medical needs. Also, our boarding kennels are of high quality so your fur baby is always comfortable.

We have half day rates, full day or package rates. Buy a 10 day punch card or unlimited monthly package at a discount rate. Snack time is at 2 in the afternoon and we off a number of different snack options.

Your first day of daycamp is always on us. Give it a try, call us (434) 836-2499

Benefits to Doggie Daycare Camp at a Veterinary Office

Leaving your pet when you are heading off for a family vacation or just going to work can be worrisome. Will your pet have a good day? Will they eat their dinner? What if they get sick while you’re gone? Your pets are part of the family so why not leave them at a veterinary clinic that has a pet hotel and doggie day camp attached! Leaving your pet with their veterinarian can be of great benefit:

Pets often can get anxious when away from home. This can lead to upset stomachs, not wanting to eat their normal amount of food, and feeling upset. Leaving them at a vet clinic where your pet can be diagnosed and treated the same day can bring peace of mind to you as an owner.

Here are a few reasons why a doggie daycare camp at a vet office is better for your pet:

It’s a one-stop shop – When you drop your dog off for boarding or day camp at a vet office, they are able to get their exam and vaccines done, have a bath, get their nails trimmed, and have any medication. This makes your life simpler by not having to make several trips.

Knowing you and your pet – Having your pet stay with his or her veterinarian can relieve your pet’s anxiety. Your pet with more familiar people can help lower any stress they may feel while being away from you. If your pet comes to day camp regularly, they practically feel like they are at their home away from home.

Medication refill – Running out of medication while boarding can also be a hassle and something that can be overlooked. If your pet is staying at a vet clinic medication can be refilled allowing your pet to stay on track with their dosage.

family vet doggie daycare

Specialty care for each patient- Whether your dog is a young pup and this is their first time away from you or they are a seasoned pro, they will receive specific care for their individual needs. Senior hotel guests often need more care due to mobility issues and medication needed. When staying at a vet office these issues can be monitored and have special attention paid to them.

A Fun Day at Family Vet Doggie Daycare Camp!

A warm welcome – Each of our doggie daycare campers or “campers” are greeted by one of their two-legged friends who accompanies your pet to their room after a quick trip outside to relieve themselves.

Your pet’s room – On their way back to their room your pet may pass by some of their four-legged friends. Each room has large, see-through windows so our staff can keep an eye on your fur babies. Their room has a guest card on the door which has their name, breed, color, and sex on it so they are identifiable to everyone in the clinic. These guest cards are a part of our AAHA certification – a standard of veterinarian excellence that our practice has achieved. Your pet’s room can have a cot style bed or a large fluffy blanket depending on your pet’s preference.

family vet doggie daycare

It’s playtime! – Everyone in the clinic knows when playtime begins. As soons as their room door opens our campers are off to the play yard. Each dog is placed in a group according to their size, breed, level of energy, and personality. Each new camper starts in a one – on – one session that is supervised by a trained staff member at all times. Once acclimated to camp and once we have had the opportunity to assess our new camper’s personality we try them with the group we see fit. If all goes well, they stay in that group and make the best of friends. If your pet doesn’t do well we remove them from the group and go back to one – on – one session until we find the right fit. We want our guests to love day camp and look forward to coming. If camp isn’t for your pet, for any reason at all, we will tell you. At the Family Vet we want what is best for your four-legged family member. Groups stay outside in one of our three play yards for over an hour. Two of our play yards have an indoor/outdoor aspect to them. Each yard has toys and a multi-level gym that your dog can jump up and down off of.


Naptime – When playtime for your pet’s group is finished the pet hotel gets VERY quiet. Our campers play hard and nap even harder. They are resting up for their next play time.

Snacktime – 2pm is snack time at the Family Vet. For a few extra dollars a day your pet can enjoy a healthy snack to get them energized for afternoon play time. We have a few different options that meet each dog’s individual wants.

  • Kong filled with peanut butter – we fill ‘em, they eat ‘em!
  • Peanut butter and milk bones – how does a small bowl of peanut butter with milk bones mixed in sound to you because our day campers can’t get enough!
  • Frosty paws – limited and healthy ingredients frozen for your pet. We keep peanut butter, banana, and yogurt options always available, but often have seasonal flavors available as well. In the past, we have done red, white, and blueberry for July 4th, pumpkin pie for fall, pina colada for the summer months, and apple pie for Thanksgiving.

Playtime, again – After 1pm, midday is camp naptime and boarder play time, our campers get back out in the play yard with their friends for round two of playing!

Mom’s here – Pick up time is your pup’s favorite time! They get so excited to see you and we are sure you will be glad to have your smiling and now sleepy pup! We make sure your pet has the best day ever at Family Vet doggie daycare. We also offer dog grooming for that extra layer of comfort or if you need a longer stay to check out dog boarding!