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While a guest in our pet hotel, your pet’s experience will be like staying with family.  We know that you want your dog or cat to enjoy their “stay-cation” while you are away and we make every effort to keep our guests comfortable.  We have a quiet, stress-free room for cats and another completely separate area for dog boarding.  There is no need to get a dog sitter or cat sitter—all your pets can stay with us and you can rest assured knowing that they will be staying under the supervision of our caring and qualified veterinarians and staff.  

Our Danville, Virginia pet hotel for dogs is a fun place to stay where every dog gets a deluxe Kuranda dog bed and three daily outside trips are standard.  Your dog can play outside in a carefully chosen playgroup or have individual play, as our doggie daycare is one of the most popular in town.  We are much more than a dog boarding kennel and pride ourselves on the experience your pets enjoy while they stay with us.  Every morning, you will see our doggie daycamp guests dragging their humans in the door to come see us.  Our four-legged guests give us the best reviews of all.  

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What to pack your pet when they stay at the pet hotel!

At the Family Vet, we love tending to your fur babies while you are away! We want your pet to be as happy as they can be while staying at our pet hotel. Bringing a piece of home with your pet can help them be less worried and feel more at home.

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  • Medications – This is the most important thing to pack. Your pet will be out of their normal routine and it is so important that if they are on daily medications they stay on them. Our pet hotel staff is trained to give medication and ensure your pet gets their medications when they need them and we have a veterinarian near by to always help out!
  • Your pet will absolutely appreciate having their favorite toys with them in their room. We allow all toys in the pet hotel and record every thing your pet comes in with so we can be sure they go home with all their belongings.
  • We supply cot style beds and blankets for your pet, but bringing their own bed or a blanket from home can help them feel like you are right there with them. And don’t worry, if anything gets wet from a spilled water bucket or has peanut butter from a kong on it we can wash and dry it same day.
  • Dogs love treats! So bringing your pet’s favorite treats with them can make them so excited when we walk up to their room holding that bag. We keep the hotel stocked with milk bones and happily hand them out to our guests through the day.
  • Your pet is used to eating their own food, so packing it for them can help ensure they will enjoy dinner time. We have the option to feed up to 3 times a day, morning, noon, and night, and do offer a 2pm snack time if you choose for your pet to participate. Packing individual feedings in baggies ensures that your pet won’t get any extra food. Bringing the entire bag with the cup you use to measure out their food can also help. There is also the option to allow your pet to eat our house food which is a veterinary special diet that is a balanced meal.
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  • We assign each pet their own cubby which holds their leash, collar, and harness. We write their names on the cubby so there is no mix-up.
  • Last but not least, a bag with their name on it to put all of the above in is provided.

If you have any more questions please call us at (434) 836-2499