Dogs and Cats Boarding in Danville, VA

As a pet owner, your furry friends are a priority when it comes to ensuring their safety. However, you can feel conflicted when you have to weigh between going out of town for an errand and leaving your pet home alone. This is where dog and cat boarding services come in. 

If you are a resident of Danville, VA, and are unsure where to leave your furry friend, Danville Family Vet has you covered. Here you are sure that your pet will receive all the care and attention it needs. Among other benefits, the following are reasons you should trust a pet boarding facility to take care of your pets. 

  • Expert care  
  • Proper nutrition
  • Attention and socialization
  • Medical care 
  • No inconvenience to friends and family

Expert Care

At a pet boarding facility, the caretakers are full-time sitters, which means your dog receives optimum care at all times. Moreover, they have the expertise to handle any situation to keep your dog safe and happy. Even when you travel for days, you do not have to worry about your pets at all.

Conversely, trusting a neighbor with your pet does not guarantee safety for the reason that they might not be qualified to take care of emergencies or even feed your dog on time. For the sake of your furry baby, avoid taking chances. 

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential for your pet’s health, and professional caretakers ensure that your dog is well-fed when you are away. With their knowledge, they know the best meal for your dog, so you do not have to remind them all the time. Pets that have allergies and therefore require special care also find a place in a pet boarding facility. It is crucial that you consider your pet’s health status before entrusting it to a friend for weeks. 

Besides nutrition, your dog will have enough water to keep it hydrated at a dog boarding facility. Caretakers know better when to feed your dog, and you can rest assured that they are observing the schedule you suggested to them.


Attention and Socialization

At a pet boarding facility, your dog gets all the attention and care it needs. The employees who offer these services are disposed to ensure that your dog is not lonely. In any case, it gets a chance to interact and play with fellow dogs, which is essential for its development. Opting to leave your dog at home when going out denies it an opportunity to socialize and play. Rather than subject it to loneliness, why not hire the services of a boarding facility?

Medical Care

The staff at a pet boarding facility is trained to administer medicine to ensure your dog gets the right dosage at the right time. It also offers therapeutic treatment that your feline may need. Knowing that your dog is in safe hands eliminates the worry that something might happen to it. 

No matter where you are or for how long you are away, you are confident that at a dog boarding, your dog is taking its medicine as usual. This is not the case with leaving it at home or with a neighbor who is likely to get engaged in their own activities and forget to administer medicine to your dog. 

No inconvenience to friends and family

Just like you, your friends and family have issues to attend to and may not have the time to walk or feed your dog. Leaving it with them even for a day might cause them inconveniences or even lead to resentment. Instead of bothering them, you can just take your pet, assuming it’s a cat, to a cat boarding where it is sure to receive better care. As such, you will save your friends from the extra duties that they sure would rather not take care of. 

The wellbeing of your pet comes first, and one sure way of ensuring their safety is by entrusting them to a professional caretaker. For dog and cat boarding in Danville, VA, Danville Family Vet offers various kinds of services, from wellness to dog grooming. Contact us for guaranteed safety and optimum wellbeing of your pet.