Veterinary Emergency Treatment Fund

The V.E.T. Fund was established by Dr. Jeff Smith in 2012 with the belief that the bond that forms between a person and their pet is immensely beneficial and is worthy of preserving regardless of financial situation.

From the young child with his first puppy to the elderly person with that unconditional four-legged companion, these relationships have deep and lasting value.

Dr. Smith had the simple idea that a community of animal lovers could support one another in times of need. The fund’s purpose is to raise money and work with vets in the Dan River Region to make financial assistance available to give companion animals a chance to remain family members. The Fund gives loving pet owners the means to save their best friend when they are unable to make full payment in times a pet’s sudden illness or emergency treatment.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, at this link, contact the Community Foundation. Be sure to designate your donation to the V.E.T. Fund.