Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your most common questions about pet health with our FAQ page. Our knowledgeable veterinary team provides answers on topics such as grooming, vaccinations, first visits, nutrition, and disease prevention.

How much does a rabies shot cost?
How old should my pet be to receive a rabies vaccine?
What is the cost of a puppy’s first visit?
What is the cost of a kitten’s first visit?
What is the cost of an exam?
What should I give my dog for allergies?
Do you offer cremation services?
How often should my pet be groomed?
How often should my dog have his nails trimmed?
Should a dog’s hair be left longer in the winter?
What is included in the cost of grooming?
What vaccines are required for my pet to stay in the vet clinic, hotel, or grooming salon?
This puts us in a position of: who do you trust?
What is the best food for my dog? What is the best food for my cat?
How often should I comb my dog’s hair?
Where do I get a rabies tag?
Where do I take my pet in case of an emergency?
Can I make a payment plan?
How do I prevent and treat fleas and ticks?
How do I prevent heartworm and intestinal parasites in my pets?
What is the cost of a spay or neuter for my dog or cat?
What does it cost for doggie day camp?
When should I book my boarding reservation?
Do you see walk-in appointments?
What is a rewards card?