Dog & Cat Grooming in Danville, VA

Grooming your pet is an important part of animal care. It helps to keep your cat or dog happy and to maintain a healthy relationship with your fur baby. Regular pet grooming is important for the animal’s health as it allows for you to notice any physical changes that may have occurred such as lumps, scratches, fleas or other physical ailments. Schedule an appointment with us immediately if any physical changes appear or difference in pet behavior. This will help catch any diseases or conditions early, and can save your pet’s life.

Grooming should start from a young age, as it helps the animal to become more comfortable with the process. However, not all animals enjoy the grooming process, and some pets may have conditions that prove it hard to groom, therefore owners may often bring their pet to a professional grooming service.

Skillful Groomer

Mallory Betterton, is an expert dog groomer, formally trained at the Nan Hall School of Dog Grooming and she is great with dogs and cats.  Whether your dog needs a quick puppy clip or you would like a classic poodle style, Mallory is here to serve your needs.

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The Benefits of Having Your Pet Groomed at a Vet

Grooming is an important part of caring for our beloved pets.  From nail trims to full body haircuts, finding the right groomer is an important decision.  Pet parents want the best for their four-legged family members.  There are many places where you could have your pet groomed, but consider a veterinary clinic for its unique benefits.
Many salons offer grooming for dogs only, but at a vet clinic, feline friends are welcome too!  Since all pets being groomed at a vet are required to have certain vaccines, you will have peace of mind knowing that your pet is protected from contagious diseases.

Getting your pet groomed in a clinic also allows you to fill all of your pet’s needs in one place.  You can drop your pet for their spa day and they can get their spa day and they can get their checkups and vaccines done in one easy location!  Grooming can take several hours, and many salons only kennel your pet during that time.  At your vet’s office, your pets can enjoy breaks and treats during their stay.

Before our groomer did her magic!


Happy pet after a grooming service!


Some pets also have special needs that require medical supervision, such as seizures.  Many salons will refuse these pets because they do not have the training to provide care in case of emergency, but a vet clinic, there is always a doctor close at hand!

This added safety also allows their groomers to care for senior pets and handle issues such as skin problems and warty growths with confidence.  Also, if a pet suffers from fleas or ticks, the veterinarian can rid your pet of these pesky parasites!

Before our Danville Family Vet groomer service


After our grooming service!


Some pets become anxious during grooming and need medication to prevent the process from being upsetting or hazardous for your pet.  A veterinarian can give your pet what they need to allow them to be groomed without fear or stress.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to having your pet groomed at an animal hospital.  You can get everything your pet needs in one place and they can have breaks and treats to make their grooming more fun!  Most importantly, having a vet nearby means more safety for your pet and more peace of mind.

Bath with our deshedding treatment


Bath without our deshedding treatment


Meet our Professional Groomers at Family Vet:

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Mallory Betterton

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