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We offer a wide range of services, including veterinary dentistry, to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy.

Danville Family Vet is a full-service veterinary clinic located in Danville, Virginia. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality, comprehensive care for your furry friends.

We understand that visiting the vet can be stressful for some pets, which is why we are a Fear Free certified clinic. We are also a Certified “Cat-Friendly Practice,” which means that we have experience handling nervous cats and cat owners. Our staff is expertly trained to handle all types of pets, and we make sure that your pets feel comfortable and safe during their visit.


At Danville Family Vet, we have a particular focus on veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. We believe that oral health is crucial to the overall health of your pets, which is why we have an expertly trained staff to coordinate complete oral health assessments, including x-rays and periodontal treatments, surgery, and cleaning all-in-one visits. Our doctors use the safest anesthetic combinations available, and we believe in comprehensive pain control. Our goal is to ensure that your pet’s teeth and gums are healthy, which can help to prevent serious health issues down the road.

We offer a wide range of veterinary dentistry services to meet your pet’s needs. These include:

Dental x-rays

In conjunction with a comprehensive oral health exam, dental x-rays are the best way to evaluate your pet’s dental health. Our x-ray technology allows us to detect any dental issues that may be present below the gumline, which may not be visible to the naked eye.

Periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease is a common problem among pets, which can lead to severe health issues if left untreated. Our periodontal treatment involves a deep cleaning below the gumline to remove plaque and tartar buildup.

Pet tooth extractions

Sometimes, a tooth extraction is necessary to improve your pet’s oral health. Our expert staff can perform a tooth extraction safely and efficiently, ensuring your pet’s comfort throughout the process.

Oral surgery

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art surgical facilities, which allows us to perform a wide range of oral surgeries. Our expert staff can perform oral surgery safely and efficiently, ensuring that your pet’s oral health is restored as quickly as possible.

Dental cleaning for pets

We offer professional teeth-cleaning services to remove plaque and tartar buildup, which can help to prevent dental problems in the future.

Safe-Pet Anesthesia

Our clinic uses the safest anesthesia available to ensure that your pet is comfortable and pain-free during their dental procedures. Each pet undergoing a dental procedure has a staff member specifically assigned to be with them and monitor their vital signs constantly — from the administration of anesthesia through to a safe recovery. We also practice a multimodal approach to pain control, blocking the pain perception at several steps along its usual path. This comprehensive approach is not only more comfortable; it is actually safer. With adequate pain control, we can maintain patients at a lower level of anesthesia and we have more stable heart rates and blood pressures.

Our Pet Dental Home Care Recommendations

To keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy, we recommend that you brush your pet’s teeth daily with pet-safe toothpaste. You can make a huge difference in your pet’s health with dental care at home. We can also provide guidance on selecting the right type of toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet’s needs. There are foods available that are proven to clean your pet’s teeth every time they eat. Also, there are a number of different chew toys that are proven to help with periodontal disease.

Learn more about post dental instructions for pets.


We are committed to providing affordable pet dental care in Danville, Virginia. We offer a wide range of payment options to help make dental care accessible to all pet owners.

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