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danville family Veterinary Dentistry Family Vet Animal Clinic in Danville, Virginia has a special focus on veterinary dentistry and oral surgery.  Veterinary dental care is a rapidly progressing field with over one hundred board-certified veterinary dental specialist in America.  We will refer you to a specialist for such things as restorative care and root canals if necessary.  We, however, offer the best in general veterinary dentistry and surgery right here for your convenience.

Almost half of all dental disease in dogs and cats occurs below the gum line in the roots of the teeth.  Often times, it is impossible even for a veterinarian to see if a pet’s tooth is diseased without a radiograph (X-ray).  Dental X-rays, in conjunction with a comprehensive oral health exam, is the best way to evaluate your pet’s dental health. 

Periodontal treatment, extractions and oral surgery can be necessary depending on your pet’s situation.   We have an expertly trained staff that will coordinate the complete oral health assessment including X-rays as well as periodontal treatments, surgery and cleaning all-in one visit.

Safe Pet Anesthesia 

Our doctors use the safest anesthetic combinations available.   Each pet undergoing a dental procedure has a staff member specifically assigned to be with them and monitor their vital signs constantly- from the start of anesthesia through to a safe recovery.

Pain Control for Dogs and Cats 

We believe in comprehensive pain control.  Our patients are provided with medications to relieve anxiety and pain before the procedure begins to ensure we get the best results from our medication.  We also practice a multimodal approach to pain control, blocking the pain perception at several steps along its usual path.  This comprehensive approach is not only more comfortable; it is actually safer.  With adequate pain control, we can maintain patients at a lower level of anesthesia and we have more stable heart rates and blood pressures.

The Day of The Procedure

We ask that you withhold food from your pet the morning of the procedure to prevent vomiting during anesthesia.  A veterinary assistant will greet you and your pet when you arrive at the animal hospital and review the steps of the procedure with you.   This person will be assigned as your contact person and care giver to your pet throughout the entire process.  If necessary, we can provide a direct cell phone line for you to call and check on your pet at any time during the day.  Next, one of our caring veterinarians will give your pet a sedative/pain medication to relieve anxiety and any possible discomfort.  Anesthesia will be induced and as your pet sleeps through the procedure, his vital signs will be closely monitored.  We continuously watch for subtle changes in blood oxygen level, temperature, pulse, respiration, electrocardiogram, blood pressure.  Digital technology allows us to obtain X-rays of each tooth very quickly and as your veterinary dentist is evaluating the X-rays, the assistant begins the cleaning process.  The doctor will then combine the radiographic findings with a comprehensive dental exam and a decision can be made as to the treatment of each tooth.  Various periodontal treatments and oral surgery may be necessary. This may include extraction of some teeth.  At this point in the procedure, we can have the veterinarian call you and discuss the treatment plan, but it is important to remember that your pet will be under anesthesia and we will need a phone number where we can be assured that we reach you immediately.  For safety and efficiency, it is best to give the doctor advanced authorization to perform the appropriate treatments.  Following all necessary periodontal treatments and oral surgery, the hygienist will clean your pet’s teeth and a fluoride treatment will be applied.  While sitting with your pet through recovery, your contact person will give you a call and fill you in on the details of the procedure.

danville family Veterinary DentistryHome Care

You can make a huge difference in your pet’s health with dental care at home.  Brushing is the best, and we can show you a few ideas that make teeth brushing into a fun game, but if that is not possible for you, there are many other options.  There are foods available that are proven to clean your pet’s teeth every time they eat.  Also there are a number of different chew toys that are proven to help with periodontal disease.

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