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We do our best for each and every one of our clients which is why we love to hear what they have to say about our animal hospital and veterinarians.

I love you guys. I always feel that my pets health is in excellent care. And thank you for just being there when I call with a question! Your simply the BEST!

– Sheila Isom

This is one of the few rare businesses that I can recall, where the tone and attitude of the staff is positive and friendly without fail, always willing to help out, and truly understanding of the relationship that people have with their pets.

– Bobbi Jo Brown

We wish to thank Dr. Smith for seeing us unannounced and for his very expert care and diagnosis of Monique’s neck injury. Monique as of today, is doing better. I will continue to go to Mom’s and give her her medication in the timely manner in which was recommended. We also wish to thank Dr. Katie for greeting my Mother and explaining the medication and care Monique needed, when my Mother and I picked her up later that afternoon – with instructions for her care from our meeting with Dr. Smith early that morning. The staff of Family Vet Animal Clinic are Exceptional…I always encourage my friends and family to take their pets for all of their needs to Family Vet, because in my opinion, you are the BEST. I have taken all of my precious four-legged family members for almost 20 years to Family Vet!

– Elaine Shelton

We have been deeply touched by the magnificent care that Jeff, Katie, and Tracy provided our four-legged family members. We could not be more proud of the extraordinary compassion, love, and support of the entire staff – whether we call after hours or show up unannounced before the scheduled opening. The Clinic means a great deal to us.

– Michael and JoyceAnn Duncan

Dear Dr. Smith and Family Vet Staff, Thank YOU for taking such good care of sweet Trinny, who has been sick. Thank you for being so caring and concerned about her treatment and recovery. Additionally, thank you for helping with my understanding of what is wrong with her and what I can do to help her at home. … you were all so concerned and helpful, which helps me to better help Trinny’s recovery. … I am very grateful. You are all THE BEST! Thank you again.

– Lorell Jefferson

I want to thank Dr. Smith for being so kind and helpful with Cricket. Being able to be with her during her last moments was comforting to both of us. Family Vet has my recommendation to anyone looking for a kind and caring veterinarian.

– Tina Hanlon

Dr. Katie. Love you! You are a very sweet lady and talented veterinarian. Keep up the good work, and Congratulations!!!We are so blessed to have you.

– Dee Parrish

Way to go! You are a very caring person, (Dr. Rohrig), that makes you such a wonderful vet. Wouldn’t think of taking my babies any where else. Everyone at Mt. HERMON are great!

– Cristy Connor Henderson

Katie has had a love of animals since I’ve known her (that was Kindergarten) and a desire to be a Vet for almost as long. She’s living her dream!

– Janice Ricketts Watson

Heidi says to tell Miss Katie, Wooof, woooooof, Woooof, woooof,” which Katie will know what that means in doggie language! *smiles* Katie, we think you and the entire staff at Family Vet are super awesome!!!

– Karen Wilson-Dooley

I could have told you that!!! We love you Katie!!! Not just for what you do but for the beautiful person you are!!!

– Monica Mitchell Scearce

Marley and Duke are always in good hands, when they come to Family Vet Animal Clinic!

– Patricia Chaney

Family Vet took the time to listen and care how we felt…we can call and ask different things. It is like coming home. You all go the extra mile, we love all of you.

– Gerri Rowland

It has taken me awhile to be able to write this. I lost my Grandfather in November of last year in a house fire. He passed trying to save some of his beloved dogs. My Grandfather was always a animal lover and thought of his animals as children. When he passed in this tragic way I inherited the only two dogs that survived Mickey and Minnie two very sweet hound mixes. My Grandfather had rescued them himself before he had passed. This first thing I did when I got Mickey and Minnie was bring them to Mt. Hermon to get checked out, shots, and neutered and spayed. Family Vet Animal Clinic helped me so much I could not have done without them. I have always brought my babies there and would not dream of bringing my animals anywhere else. They are like family. They have helped save my cat when she had a seizure, bathed her after our own house fire(thank God we all made it out, but our sweet kitten Leni who is now in heaven). They helped me with helpful hints when our dog Duke was traumatized by the house fire. They also helped me in the training of our new baby Max. This is by far the most caring and best animal clinic in Danville.

– Crystal Underwood

Just for the record…I just can’t relate to the term “putting a pet down”. We watched Baylie peacefully go to “sleep”. No more pain for our girl and we believe she is in heaven. Dr. Jeff Smith and the staff at Mt. Herman Animal Hospital in Danville are a blessing. They helped make the terrible a bit more bearable. Larry and I are so thankful.

– Deb Johnson

I love my dog to pieces, she is my child. We are treated like family and love the staff at Family Vet, Mallory always goes the extra mile for us.

– Tara Lewis

Our dogs love this place! We board and have used their veterinarian services for years. Highly recommend.

– Dave Komornik

Dr. Katie Rohrig is an awesome, intelligent, caring and overall fantastic doctor with a bedside demeanor and grasp of the important things that far exceeds her years in practice. Kassidy and Josie are thankful for her expertise and recommend choosing Dr. Katie for all your canine veterinary needs.

– Jaime Foutty

We have been bringing our four leg family members to Family Vet for over 7 years now and just can’t say enough good things about them. They are both caring and knowledgable, and they take the time to listen.

– David Parrish

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