Professional Pet Pharmacy in Danville, VA

At Family Vet Animal Clinic in Danville, Virginia, we have a complete pharmacy for animals. We have prescription and non-prescription medications, including flea, tick, and heartworm medication.


Pets often require very similar medications to what humans would need. We have an extensive supply of medicines specifically for pets and we guarantee the quality of the products we stock. We keep the best products on our shelves for your convenience.

The online market has become a vast sea of pet products. It is difficult to know whom you can trust. Some of the products found on the Internet are counterfeit.

We offer competitive prices to 1800PetMeds and we keep our products in stock for your convenience. 

We have a knowledgeable staff that is happy to help with any of your questions.

Please call and talk to Amy, for any questions you have, including special order products. We are here to help you and can save you money