Too Many Cats!

A Danville man was having trouble with stray cats accumulating around his house, it was hard to determine when the problem started, but it was definitely beginning to get out of hand.  He had about 9 cats and springtime breeding season was approaching.

He came to see us at The Family Vet and Dr. Smith was eager to help.  The man realized that living outside was not a good life for the cats as several had been killed in car accidents already.

We determined that 2 things were important, first, we had to stop the breeding and second, we had to find homes for all the cats.  Dr. Smith agreed to spay or neuter the cats at a reduced cost and the man was better able to find homes for the cats having just been spayed and vaccinated for rabies.

Six female cats will have an average litter of five kittens twice yearly.  If we had waited another year, the cat population would have grown exponentially!