Iris Is About 12 Years Old

Iris is about 12 years old, her cataracts have rendered her completely blind, and her eyes have a beautiful pearlescent shine that mirrors her personality.  She was found in Pittsylvanina County wandering in the middle of the road.

We will never know what her life was like before she was found, but Iris’ story is one that speaks to the core of who we are and what we do.  The woman who found Iris is a true animal lover and knew immediately that no one cared for her and it was unlikely that she would ever be adopted.  She also knew that she had to give Iris a chance at a better life for the days ahead.

Iris is a poodle mix and was matted and dirty with twigs and leaves woven into her hair.  One of our dedicated associates stayed after work the day Iris came in to shear the mats and bathe her.  You could see the life come back into Iris almost immediately.

We worked with the Danville Area Humane Society to look for her owner and then find her a home.  The Humane Society found her a foster home and paid for her spay.  Iris had a mammary tumor remove and extensive dental work to clear the horrible infection in her mouth.  Iris is diabetic had to be is now regulated on insulin.  She has gain weight and energy in short time she has been in her new home.  She has found a permanent home out of state and live a much deserved pampered life.  Iris has an appointment with the veterinary ophthalmologist to have her cataracts evaluated for removal.

Iris’ story is a metaphor for who we are.  A helpless animal is rescued by a selfless good Samaritan and a community of people come together to alleviate suffering in a very specific way.  Seeing the goodness in people, seeing Iris happy, seeing people work together, and knowing that you made a difference is very gratifying.