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Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Family Vet Animal Hospital in Danville! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets! Please call us at (434) 836-2499 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members! Here’s our team hard at work, learning new techniques, services and how to treat our patient with utmost care!

Practice Manager

Amy Lee Practice Manager

Amy Lee

Amy was born and raised here in Danville, Va. Animals have always been a hug part of her life. Growing up, her dad hatched chickens and ducks every spring. She knew from the time she was a little girl that taking care of animals was a passion of hers. When she turned sixteen, she was offered a job here at Family Vet cleaning up and taking care of the animals. It was her dream job and she was so excited to be given the opportunity to live out that dream. Now, here she is twenty four years later, still living that dream. She is blessed to have a son, Nick, who is her world and she sees the same characteristics and passion in him. They have their dogs Princess, Brendy and Toby, a cat Ava, a bird Spike, a bearded dragon Zack, and a fish Violet. Amy loves her job and everyone she works with. We are one big family and she enjoys working with them every day. Amy graduated in 2015 with an associate’s degree in Business Management/Management Specialization and is furthering her education in hopes to become a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager.

Office Manager

danville family vet

Kasey Toth

As of October of 2017, Danville has become my new permanent home. As a come-here resident, Danville has a way of reeling you in. I have always had a special love with animals ever since I was a little girl. I grew up with many different four legged family members, but as I grew older I found an undeniable love for horses. I began horseback riding when I was 5 years old and have not looked back since. I grew up as an active member of an Equine 4-H group and met my goal of becoming my hometowns first 4-H All Star member in 30 years!
After graduating from Holly Grove Christian School in Maryland, I came to Danville to attend Averett University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in equestrian studies. During my college experience, I competed as a part of the Intercollegiate Dressage Association, and in April of 2017, I won my first individual and team title as a National Champion. I graduated in May of
2017 and was not ready to leave so I became Averett Universities Equestrian Centers 2017-2018 Intern. I met the love of my life during my senior year at Compassion Church and am soon going to have a new last name. Since then our family has grown. We adopted a cat named Pickles and have homed a dog named Benji and a horse named Thowra.
I love being a part of Danville Family Vet because we are a family and want the best for our pets as well as yours! It is an amazing feeling knowing that I am helping make a change in the longevity of the pets in our client’s families.

Client Care Coordinators

Karen Thomson

Karen Thompson

Growing up in Danville, I have always considered this town my home no matter where my life and family have taken me. As a little girl I had a great love for all animals whether it was my daddy’s bird dogs (especially one named Doc) or my grandpa’s farm animals. Now it’s my little spoiled Oscar, the Shi-poo who comes to work with me every day.

After I married my sweetheart Floyd, we moved to Texas where we lived on a cutting horse ranch; it’s here I fell in love with horses and eventually adopted a wild Mustang.

While living in Texas, Floyd and I were blessed with our first son, Jacob, and three years later after moving back to Danville, we were blessed again with our second son, Justin. Bot boys have always loved animals including our Rottweiler, named Roper. He was their constant companion until the day he passed. Another love for both boys has been baseball, We traveled all over with them beginning with little league and eventually they graduated from Tunstall High School and received degrees from the University of Virginia. Jacob continued his baseball career with the Atlanta Braves system and Justin with the Arizona Diamondbacks. I am very proud of both boys and their accomplishments.

Another blessing came into my life when I became a grandmother with the birth of Jacob and Katie’s son, Liam, who celebrated his first birthday in May.

I am very fortunate to work at Family Vet where my coworkers feel like family. They show such care and compassion on a daily basis for the pets that visit our clinic. I have been a veterinary receptionist since February of 1989 and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Tim Baines

Tim Baines

Timothy Baines was born on June 24, 1989, along with his triplet sisters Kathleen and Rachel, to Ava and Jim Baines. In his youth, Baines attended Sacred Heart School and George Washington High School, graduating with an advanced degree in 2007. Upon graduation, he followed in the footsteps of his older sister, Miranda, and enrolled at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

While at JMU, Tim worked for JMU Sports Media Relations and wrote the student newsletter for the department of Writing and Rhetoric. After four years of study, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication with a minor in History in May of 2011.

After graduating, Tim pursued freelance writing and also worked for Southside Cleaners. In February of this year, he joined the team at Family Vet Animal Clinic and has not looked back. In his free time, Tim enjoys playing sports, writing and spending time with his family.

Kayla Roach

Kayla Roach

Kayla joined our team in March of 2018 as a Client Care Coordinator. Since she was a little girl, Kayla has always had a special place in her heart for animals. In her youth, she attended Tunstall High School, graduating in 2012. She loves spending time either her pets: a Labrador retriever named Shallow, a beagle named Bugle and 2 ferrets named Critter and Zoey. During her free time she loves listening to music, reading, hunting and fishing.

Angelica Jones

Angelica Jones


Mallory Betterton

Mallory Kueng Betterton is our expert pet stylist.  She was formally trained at the Nan Hall School of Dog Grooming and can work miracles with all breeds.  From the fancy show cut poodles to the shi-tzu puppy trim, Mallory operates a full service spa.

Other services Mallory offers include dremel nail filing, terrier stripping, bathing and color accents.

Sarah Hale

Sarah was born in Danville, but spent most of her childhood in Blairs on a country farm owned by her grandparents. It was there that she discovered a lifelong love for animals of all kinds. She spent her mornings feeding chickens, goats, and cows and her evenings befriending barn cats and teaching her first dog every trick imaginable. 

As a young adult, Sarah attended Averett University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications. It was during this time that she took a job as a dog bather at Petco and discovered a passion for pet grooming. She applied herself to learning the required skills and moved up from bather to groomer to salon manager in only a few years.

Sarah spends her free time with her husband in their home in Danville. They play video games and travel together whenever they get the chance. They have five beloved pets: Linus the dog, Burton the tortoise, and three cats named Sammy, Junebug, and Shiori. In her free time, Sarah also enjoys reading, writing, and making custom crafts such as pet portraits using the art of woodburning. 

Sarah loves getting to know her clients and their furbabies and always strives to treat them like family. She believes that every pet deserves to have a happy, stress-free grooming experience where they can feel comfortable and be pampered. She is very excited to be a part of the team at Family Vet and looks forward to grooming for you!

Jenny Mcfarling

Jenny Mcfarling

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Sophia Decker

Although Sophia has always had a deep love of animals, she got into veterinary medicine by chance. She applied to a mixed animal practice, did a working interview with cattle at a livestock market, and fell in love with the work. After that experience, Sophia felt called to a veterinary medicine career. Sophia grew up in Halifax County, and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Longwood College in 1986. Always eager to learn, she decided to pursue her Associate of Applied Science degree in Veterinary Technology from Northern Virginia Community College in 2005. After several years doing large animal field work, Sophia decided to switch her focus to small animal medicine. She worked at veterinary clinic in South Boston, VA for 16 years before joining the Mt. Hermon team in April 2015. She especially enjoys animal behavior work and has taught puppy socialization classes. She likes educating and working with clients to help them become better informed pet parents. Her veterinary interests include nutrition, behavior, and the human-animal bond. Sophia is a member of several professional organizations including her state and national veterinary technician associations. Currently, she is the secretary of the newly formed Southside Veterinary Medical Association of which she is a founding member.


Away from work, Sophia enjoys spending time with her husband and their pet family of a horse, six cats, and a dog. They live on eleven acres in Halifax County where Sophia enjoys grooming her horse and taking her dog Agnes on nice long walks in the woods. Her hobbies include running, trail riding, reading, cooking, and yoga. She is also active in her church choir and hand bell choir, and writes pet related articles for the local newspaper. When local elementary schools have pet weeks or career days, Sophia loves taking her horse Robin to talk to the kids about pets and veterinary medicine. She has also had the opportunity to help some veterinary technology students with their clinical rotations by supervising them as they learn the necessary skills to become veterinary technicians. Sophia has a true passion for her profession and wants to help students pursue a career in veterinary medicine.


Medical Team Manager

Emma Staats

Emma Staats

Emma came all the way from New Jersey to find us and joined our team in July of 2017 as a Veterinary Assistant. When she was a little girl, she remembered always answering the question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” with veterinarian. Although after high school she completed schooling and licensure to become a cosmetologist, Emma could not deny that her true passion was veterinary science. After a few years as a stylist she changed career paths and landed herself back in college working toward a degree in veterinary technology, and an eventual licensure as a Veterinary Technician, which she still pursues today.

When She isn’t enjoying her time caring for clients and patients with her work family, Emma can be found exploring local trails and lakes with her Blue Heeler, Moose. She also has a great passion for local and organic agriculture, so you can often catch her and Moose at the farmer’s market! She enjoys anything involving art, music, or science. She has a vast interest in constantly expanding her knowledge, a key trait that brought her back into this industry. Emma looks forward to seeing you and your fur babies at your next appointment, where she will go above and beyond to provide you with the outstanding care you deserve!

Veterinarian Assistant

Stacy Sumner

Stacy became a part of our team in June of 2018. Graduating from Bunn High School in North Carolina in 2016, she moved to Danville to pursue work in animal care. Growing up, Stacy was always surrounded by dogs and kitties, as her family frequently fostered fur babies and hospice animals in search of homes. Working as a kennel tech one summer enforced her love for animals, and then she had the wonderful experience of working on a farm for a little while with chickens, dogs, and pigs. She plans to continue working with animals by pursuing school to become a licensed veterinary technician. Outside of work, Stacy has six dogs (Ozzy, Rascal, Titus, Annie, Mia, and Olive Garden), one fish (Minnie), and a mischievous kitty (Ryder). Her free time is typically spent cuddled up with her fur babies at home. Stacy’s greatest wish is that every animal that walks through our door would become an immediate addition to our family, and would develop a loving and beneficial connection that might improve both our and their lives.

Kaleigh Grafton

Kaleigh Grafton

Pet Hotel Operations Coordinator

Michele Mclaughlin

Michele Mclaughlin

Stephanie Cook joined the team in September 2018. Since she was a little girl, she has loved animals. Growing up on a farm, there were always animals to take care of. As she got older, she knew she wanted to work with animals for a living, as they held such a special place in her heart. The animals give her something great to look forward to everyday. Out of all the jobs she has had, Stephanie says working at the Family Vet is by far the best work experience she has ever had. She loves coming to work everyday and is looking forward to her future there.

Pet Hotel Assistant

Stephanie Cook

Stephanie Cook joined the team in September 2018. Since she was a little girl, she has loved animals. Growing up on a farm, there were always animals to take care of. As she got older, she knew she wanted to work with animals for a living, as they held such a special place in her heart. The animals give her something great to look forward to everyday. Out of all the jobs she has had, Stephanie says working at the Family Vet is by far the best work experience she has ever had. She loves coming to work everyday and is looking forward to her future there.

Arianna Foisy

Arianna is a student at Galilea. She loves to study anatomy and physiology and hopes of joining the
medical field. Arianna has a compassionate heart and absolutely loves her household pets, which
include a guinea pig, a leopard gecko and other small reptiles. At work, she has a great time playing with
dogs and cats in day camp. She uses her intuitive mind for problem solving and for finding simple
solutions to help the dogs feel more safe and comfortable.

Kristen Moss

Kristen is a junior at Tunstall High School. She also attends the Pittsylvania Career and Technical Center and is enrolled in the small animal care program. Kristen has a household full of pets including a horse, a puppy, four cats and two chinchillas. She wants to use her love for animals to help them as she wishes to attend veterinary school and become a vet for big cats and exotic animal care.