Sarah Dalton

Client Care Coordinator

Sarah is originally from Lawrenceville, Georgia and moved to Pittsylvania County in the summer of 2021. After having already earned herself a leadership role at a pet care facility in Georgia, she was eager to stay in the field and reached out to join our team as soon as she decided to move to the area. In moving from a big city to a slower-paced area, Sarah feels she is more able to be a part of small-town culture and establish herself as an active member of the community. She looks forward to attending community events and becoming more involved in local traditions and values.

Sarah has plans to attend San Juan College in the fall of 2022 and ultimately become a Veterinary Technician, with her primary focus being practice management. When she isn’t busy pursuing her education or catering to the needs of you and your pets, Sarah can often be found out in nature. She loves to go for walks with her dogs Bandit and Belle, spend time at the barn, and ride ATV’s. During the free time she spends inside, she will most likely be binge-watching TV shows with her kitties Leo and Kami. Sarah considers her family to be her greatest support system and has moved to the area to be closer to her mom. She shares her home with her boyfriend, Jimmy, and finds inspiration in her dad, who has overcome a lot and is very influential to her. 

In her time at Danville Family Vet, Sarah has been loving making friends with our clients. It is important to her to learn background information on the pets and their life stories so that she can customize their experience. She values making true connections with people and is excited to do so with all our clients so that she can provide you and your pets with personalized, loving care!