The trick to giving your cat their pill is to get it behind their tongue. If you look into their mouth you will see that their tongue makes a little U-shape and a hump. You want to get all the way in the back and over the hump. Once the pill is all the way in the back it will stimulate the swallowing reflex and it will go right down.

Another trick is that cats don’t like to be restrained and held down a lot so you want to hold them in a natural position when giving them their pill. Dr. Smith likes to hold them around their cheekbones and then tuck the pill in the back of their mouth as described before. You may want to give your cat a little drink of water afterwards as well to make sure the pill has gone all the way down.

Another technique you can use is to hold them in the crook of your arm so that they can’t back up but they also feel comfortable. You then grab behind the canine teeth and pull down on their bottom jaw and insert the pill into the back of their mouth.