New Doc on the Block! Introducing Dr. Olivia Reid

Dr. Jeff Smith
Dr. Jeff Smith, Practice Owner, Veterinarian

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a talented and compassionate addition to our veterinary family: Dr. Olivia Reid! With their extensive training, dedication to animal welfare, and commitment to mental health and wellness, Dr. Reid is set to make a positive impact on the lives of both our furry patients and their loving owners.


Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Dr. Reid’s passion for animals began early in life. They attended a high school with a small graduating class of only 60 girls, which provided them with a close-knit community and a solid foundation for their future endeavors. After completing high school, Dr. Reid’s journey led them to Auburn University in Alabama, where they obtained their B.S. in Animal Sciences.

During their undergraduate years, Dr. Reid’s dedication to animal welfare shone brightly as they actively volunteered at rescues and shelters. They also had the opportunity to work with Auburn’s equine unit, caring for their small teaching herd and seasonal foaling herd. Dr. Reid’s involvement in the equine reproduction class allowed them to gain hands-on experience in a specialized field.

As a testament to their academic prowess, Dr. Reid completed a research fellowship in their senior year, culminating in the presentation of their project’s poster at the prestigious Endocrinology Society’s ENDO conference in New Orleans in 2019. This achievement showcased their commitment to staying at the forefront of veterinary knowledge and advancements.

Following their graduation with a B.S. in Animal Sciences in May 2019, Dr. Reid embarked on their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Throughout their veterinary education, they demonstrated a keen interest in mental health and wellness, areas that are often overlooked in the demanding veterinary profession. Dr. Reid served as the secretary for the school’s behavior club during their second and third years, emphasizing the importance of understanding animal behavior and promoting positive interactions between pets and their owners.

With their diverse experiences, comprehensive education, and dedication to mental health, Dr. Olivia Reid brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge to our veterinary practice. We are excited to have them join our team and know that they will make a significant difference in the lives of our beloved patients.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Reid to our practice. Their passion for animals, commitment to excellence, and focus on mental health will undoubtedly make them a valued member of our veterinary team. We can’t wait for you to meet Dr. Reid and experience their compassionate care firsthand!

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Stay tuned for future updates, exciting stories, and helpful tips from Dr. Olivia Reid as they settle into their role at our clinic!