Luxury Boarding in Danville

A Home Away from Home for Your Pets

When we go on vacation, we hop online to look for a nice hotel, maybe with a pool and continental breakfast. Perhaps we look at the reviews and what attractions are nearby, but once it’s booked, a new question arises. What about our pets? Our pets are an important part of the family, so let’s book them a vacation, too! When searching for the right boarding facility, we want somewhere where our pets will feel safe, loved, and have fun during their stay. 

At Danville Family Vet, in Danville, Virginia, we offer luxury boarding services where veterinary care is always just a stroll down the hall. Our pet resort offers a range of bedroom sizes and options to keep your pets happy and comfortable while you are away. 

Traditional kennels provide basic care such as meals, water, and potty breaks, but our luxury pet hotel takes that care to the next level. At DFV’s pet resort, we also offer snack times, televisions, windows, baths, day camp, toys, blankets, and more!

Our facility is a one-stop shop, with groomingdaycare, and veterinary services all in one place. You can drop your furbaby off for their vaccines, exam, boarding, bath, and nail trim all in one visit!


Snack Time: Pet parents have a variety of options for snacks. We offer Kong toys filled with peanut butter, or your furbaby can enjoy our Frosty Paws, a frozen banana and peanut butter ice cream alternative. Licking these treats provides a fun distraction from boredom as well as a tasty reward! Parents are also welcome to bring any of their pets’ favorite treats from home, which can be given at snack time or whatever time your pet is accustomed to!

Entertainment: Your pet also doesn’t have to be bored while staying with us! You can bring their favorite toys from home, or we can provide something for them to play with. If they like to play with friends, you can sign them up for our doggie day camp, where they can play with other dogs during the day. In addition, our luxury bedroom option includes a window for people watching and a television so they can view their favorite cartoons!

Day Camp: Our day camp is held in two playrooms that feature large indoor areas that open into our outdoor yards. Our yards have artificial turf to keep your pets clean during play as well as gym platforms for them to exercise on if they choose. During the summer, we also give the pups a chance to splash in a kiddy pool! Day camp is monitored by our attendants at all times to keep your pets safe.

Cat Boarding: Don’t forget about Miss Kitty! Our luxury pet hotel includes a separate area for cat boarding, located on the other side of the building from our canine companions so our feline friends have a quiet place to stay. This includes their very own ventilation system so they cannot smell any unfamiliar pups. Our cat bedrooms are multi-level to give your furbaby places to explore and hide, and we offer an upgraded room that includes climbing areas and a window for your kitty to survey his or her kingdom. 

Veterinary Care: Our doctors are here for your convenience as well as the safety of your pet during their stay. Whether they need a routine checkup or an emergency arises, our doctors are here to make sure your furbaby gets the care they need! This can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your vacation without having anxiety about your furry friends! Our attendants are also trained in delivering medication, including items such as insulin and thyroid medication. 

Flexibility: At DFV, you are always welcome to take a tour of our bedrooms or sneak a peek at your pet in day camp! Or maybe you are moving into a new home and need to board your pet, but still want to see them every day to give them a treat and take them for a walk. We even offer a 4 p.m. pickup time on Sundays, so you don’t have to spend even one extra night away from your four-legged family member! We are happy to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be!

Luxury pet boarding has a variety of benefits, but of course, your pets’ happiness is most important to us! We want to know they’re happy and healthy. When dropping off, our check-in staff will verify your phone number so that our hotel attendants can send you update photos of your pet during their visit. Whether your furbaby likes to play with friends or relax with their favorite TV show, please consider Danville Family Vet in Danville, Virginia, for all your boarding needs!

For questions about booking, please call (434) 836-2499 and select the Boarding option.