Dr. Olivia Reid


Dr. Olivia Reid is originally from Richmond, Virginia, and migrated south to Danville to
join our team in June of 2023. They completed their undergraduate degree at Auburn
University in Auburn, Alabama, then graduated the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of
Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech as a licensed veterinarian. Community is very important to
Dr. Reid, and their caring and empathetic energy has already touched many members of our
staff and clientele during their time here. They consider themselves a bit of a “nerd,” and they
continuously strive to further their education and experience so that they can provide you and
your pet with the best treatment options available.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Reid is somewhat of a homebody. They enjoy knitting, playing
video and board games, watching TV and movies, singing along to show tunes, and training
their beagle, Mellow (short for Marshmellow). They also have two cats, named Pan (short for
Pantalaimon) and Tybalt, with whom there is never a dull moment.

Dr. Reid gathers most of their positive influence from their partner, Alex, his family, and
their pets. They hope to be a trusted resource to help pet owners have the healthiest and
happiest lives with their pets. They want their relationships with clients to be positive and
collaborative, and they strive to strengthen the human-animal bond in all ways. They look
forward to meeting more members of our community, and providing you and your pets with
the kind and compassionate care you deserve!