Brianna Botkin

Client Care Coordinator

Brianna is a Danville, Virginia native who joined our family in August of 2023. She
graduated from Tunstall high school, and went on to obtain an associate’s degree in zoo science
from Davidson Davie Community College. She has over 1,500 hours of externship experience in
the zoo and wildlife career field. Brianna has worked closely with many different species, which
gives her the confidence needed to advocate for the best interest of your pets. She is currently
working toward her bachelor’s degree in business management, with a focus in non-profit and
a minor in biology. Her ultimate goal is to one day open her own wildlife rehabilitation center.

Brianna has 7 dogs named Willow, Bear, Molly, Breezy, Moose, Moo-moo, and Roxy.
She also has 3 cats named Zoey, Daisy, and Poppy, as well as several fish. She shares her home
with her fiancé, Matthew, and mom, Angie, who she says is her inspiration. She has a sister
named Courtney, and a brother named Damon as well. In her spare time, she enjoys playing
with her dogs, laser tag, go-kart racing, and shopping. During your visits, Brianna will make it
her goal to express the love she has for your pets. She hopes that all of our clients know that
she feels the love they have for their babies, and she shares that love for them as well. She will
do whatever it takes to be sure our patients receive outstanding care.