We are a Cat Friendly Practice

cat friendly boarding

Danville Family Vet is committed to ensuring that cats get the best care. We follow the Cat Friendly Practice program developed by The American Association of Feline practitioners.

Cats have unique needs, and we have provided extra care for them at every step of the process; from the cat-only waiting room, to feline-friendly handling techniques by our knowledgeable staff members.

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We approach cats in a different manner; our staff members are trained to recognize feline body language and facial express that signify stress and anxiety.

Cats can become stressed by many things in the veterinary visit, starting with the carrier and the car ride to the vet and continuing with the sights sounds and smells of the veterinary hospital. We are hear to help you with your cat’s comfort on every step of the way.

Every aspect of the environment and experience we create is analyzed from the cat’s perspective. Please give us a call to receive tips on how to make your cat’s visit as pleasant as possible.