Having your pet spayed or neutered is a vital component in your pet’s overall health.  With early spay and neuter, there are several diseases that we can completely eliminate.   Besides the health benefits, we all need to be a part of controlling unwanted pregnancies.

In Danville Virginia, spay and neuter programs like ours are the solution to pet overpopulation.  Our own Dr. Jeff Smith is a board member of the Danville Area Humane Society and knows first hand the magnitude of the unwanted pet problem.  There are so many unwanted pets, that we simply cannot find homes for them all.  We all share the responsibility to help curb this problem by spaying or neutering our pets.

Dr. Smith feels very strongly about the importance of spaying and neutering and as a surgeon, he is equally serious about safety and quality when pets are under anesthesia and in surgery.  For these reasons, we offer our high quality surgical team and facility for spays and neuters below cost.  Additional savings are often available by calling the Danville Area Humane Society. (434) 799-0843

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