Danville Family Vet Achieves Accreditation

Danville Family Vet opened the doors to their new practice in January 2018 after moving from the Mount Hermon area where they served the community for 25 years. The dedicated team at the veterinary practice has been excelling in their field and has received numerous certifications in their industry. Danville Family Vet was recently accredited […]


Alphie is a very shy, sweet personality and is precious beyond words to his owner.  He is a thin dog and only middle aged – to young to be walking with such a significant limp.  It seemed that one of his rear legs or something in his rear end was painful. He had visited at […]

Too Many Cats!

A Danville man was having trouble with stray cats accumulating around his house, it was hard to determine when the problem started, but it was definitely beginning to get out of hand.  He had about 9 cats and springtime breeding season was approaching. He came to see us at The Family Vet and Dr. Smith […]


World Rabies Day is September 28, 2015, and Rabies Awareness Week is September 28 – October 3. This is a good time to remind everyone how important it is to keep your pet’s rabies vaccination up to date. Rabies is a deadly virus that attacks the nervous system of almost all mammals. It does not […]

Senior Pet Awareness

by Sophia P. Decker, LVT Is your pet a “senior citizen”?  If your pet is seven years or older, he is considered a mature or senior pet.  Some people are surprised by this fact.  Pets do age faster than we do, and as your pet ages, there are several medical conditions that can occur.  Common conditions […]

Izzy Gets Spayed

  What happens when your dog or cat gets spayed or neutered? I think my cat’s in heat, when can I get her spayed? What is a spay anyway? I get these questions all the time. Let’s follow along with Izzy as she comes in for her surgery and we will see what happens throughout […]

Dog cat teeth cleaning

How to Clean Your Dog’s Teeth (Cats Too!)

Yes, you can clean your pets’ teeth at home.  I know dental hygienists who clean their personal pet’s teeth at home and it really makes a difference!  The unfortunate thing about our pet’s teeth is that they are much more prone to periodontal disease (inflammation and infection around the roots of the teeth), and cleaning […]

Killing Our Pets With Kindness

I love to eat! Actually, I love to overeat! I try to stick to a heart healthy diet but I end up in the same cycle of eating. I start out doing really well, eating a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, but as time goes by, I start to each processed foods, sweets and […]

Dr. Jeff Showcase November 2014

By Tim Baines It’s a cool, crisp fall morning.  The sun is just beginning to peek through the wispy clouds in the sky and the forecast for the day–sunny and a high of 72—means it’s a perfect day for doggy day care at Mount Hermon Animal Clinic. The clinic doors open and in strolls our […]

Pet and Human Diets

I love to eat.  Actually, I love to overeat!  I try to stick to a heart-healthy diet, but I end up in the same cycle of eating.  I start out doing really well, eating a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, but as time goes by, I progress to eating processed foods, sweets and other […]

Ebola Virus

Could Ebola Virus Spread To Danville?

Remember the Dustin Hoffman movie, “Outbreak” from the nineties?  Will we one day have our city walled off by CDC officials lumbering around in white plastic airtight suits?  I think those scenes are exciting for movies, but it’s unlikely that we will ever see them play out in reality. The Ebola scare is an important […]