Picture of dry pet food

Pet and Human Diets

I love to eat.  Actually, I love to overeat!  I try to stick to a heart-healthy diet, but I end up in the same cycle of eating.  I start out doing really well, eating a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables, but as time goes by, I progress to eating processed foods, sweets and other junk food.  Suddenly, I notice that my pants won’t button anymore and I’m asking myself, “How did this happen again?”

Sometimes I think my dog has it easy.  She receives a scoop of food in the morning and a scoop in the evening.  A team of veterinary nutritionists design each of her meals to meet her dietary needs perfectly.  But who am I fooling? Bella is becoming overweight, too.   She comes to work with me every day and eats all kinds of treats from spilled cat food to a sampling of my lunch, not to mention the plethora of junk food options specifically designed for pets.

It is hard to find pet foods that are well balanced and nutritious.  Pet foods are not well regulated like our foods are and false advertising is rampant.  Many pet food companies cannot be trusted to produce a quality product on a consistent basis.  There are over 500 new pet foods released each year, but I can count on one hand the number of pet food companies that I truly trust.

Nutrition is a huge part of good health and I have seen a visible change in Bella’s arthritis since starting her on a special food.  I wish someone would develop a nutritious diet for me, ready-made in a bag; one scoop at each meal.