Picture of a black dog

Dr. Jeff Showcase November 2014

By Tim Baines

It’s a cool, crisp fall morning.  The sun is just beginning to peek through the wispy clouds in the sky and the forecast for the day–sunny and a high of 72—means it’s a perfect day for doggy day care at Mount Hermon Animal Clinic.

The clinic doors open and in strolls our number one day camper, CJ. He’s a big, beautiful black Lab who calls Mount Hermon his second home. Just awaking from his leisurely ride over, CJ’s excitement cannot be contained. As I enter the lobby to greet him, he begins to shake vigorously from side to side. He knows what the day has in store for him—hours of boundless play and new friends.

When I walk CJ through the clinic toward our doggy hotel and play center, he stops to love on each and every one of our enthusiastic team members. He loves this place and we love him. After I open the door to his play center, CJ darts outside to the yard at our beautiful, sprawling day care facility. Although he is the first one to arrive, he knows   Jupiter, Allie, Sophie, Brendy, Barnabas, Cooper, Eli, Lacy, Maggie Mae and Jozy will soon join him and he’s right. Now the adventure begins! Fetch, wrestling, sunbathing, fun in the pool–the good times are here and they’re here every day at Mount Hermon Animal Clinic.